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Store Norske will open new mine in Lunckefjell

On Thursday 9 September 2010 the board of directors of Store Norske adopted the business plan for the new coal mine in Lunckefjell. The company will now submit an application to the Governor of Svalbard for permission to open the mine.
The development of Lunckefjell is scheduled to begin in spring 2012 with the establishment of a road and other infrastructure. Planned start of the mining operations is the winter of 2013.

Lunckefjell is located northeast of Svea and contains approximately 8.2 million tons of sales coal. Exploitation of the deposit will be a natural continuation of the current mining operations in Svea Nord.

The Lunckefjell deposit consists of high quality energy coal and is also expected to contain coal suitable for metallurgical purposes. Such coal is paid considerably better for than coal for energy production.

Coal from Svea Nord has a high calorific value and is sought after in the European market. There is reason to believe that the coal from Lunckefjell could achieve the same position.

This continuation of the mining operations in Svea is in line with the government frameworks for the coal mining on Svalbard, stated in the government white paper Report to the Storting No. 22 (2008-2009) "Svalbard".

Store Norske’s application to the authorities for approval to open the new mine will include a thorough assessment of the environmental and social impacts of the mine.